Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Pinned It - I Tried It - I Liked It!

The pin that started it all:

I followed this tutorial, but here's what I did:

First I bought this canvas bag on Amazon.  It ended up being a little wider than I was expecting, definitely wider than that picture, but it worked out.  The material was great.  The straps are nice and strong.

Then I went to Joann and bought fabric for the ruffles.  I picked out a plain yellow fabric and a gray, yellow, and white flower print.  I still had left over felt from my wreath project, so I decided to make those again and didn't need to buy anything for that part.

To start the ruffles, cut out 4" piece strips, two of each fabric. 

To create the ruffle, you just want to pull up some fabric and push it under the pressure foot.  Keep doing this until the end. 

Repeat that for the other three ruffles.

Then you'll sew them onto your bag.  You'll first want to lay them out on your bag to determine how far apart you want them to be.  Pin the ruffles on, one at a time, starting at the bottom.  You should be able to take your extra compartment off your sewing machine and slide the tote over the base.  Follow the same line you created when sewing the ruffle.  Repeat that step until you have all four ruffles attached.

You may want to stitch a zig zag on the top and bottom of each ruffle to prevent fraying.  Because of the type of fabric, I didn't need to do it on the plain yellow, but I did for the flower print.

Follow my steps in the wreath project post for creating the felt flowers.

Once you have them created, hand stitch around the flowers until they are secure.

And there you have it!


  1. OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! I might get brave and try this for myself!! Well done you did a great job!!

  2. Thank you! You both should try it. It's really not hard at all to do.